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If you have never tried Pilates before then this is the first step on your journey. Before joining a mat-work class you should take at least one personal training session to get to know the basic techniques of deep muscle control and focused breathing which are the basis of the method.

You may choose to continue with personal training classes, where the one to one teaching will help you to progress quickly and the exercise programme will be tailored specifically to you. You will then be taught how to use the traditional apparatus, the ‘Reformer’ and ‘Cadillac, and more contemporary equipment such as Swiss Ball and stability rollers. For advanced students too, personal training is the best way to focus and improve your practise. 1-1 sessions are arranged around your own busy schedule.

Simply email or phone 07932 735716 to arrange a time that best suits you.

What our clients say

Pilates has been amazing for me. I was recommended Sharon by a physiotherapist who felt working on my core muscles would alleviate my lower back pain, she was right. Performing exercises slowly and correctly has helped me use and feel the muscles I should be engaging and has given me a much better sense of and connection to my body. Pilates has changed my body shape completely and was the first stepping stone to reengaging with exercise and reinvigorating body confidence after having three children. Sharon's nurturing, "you can do this" attitude and gentle but determined enthusiasm to help put my body right has kept me coming back for more - I always walk out of the studio rejuvenated, knowing that I have been physically challenged and am getting stronger with each visit.


Sharon has been teaching me pilates for around 10 years. She has really helped my lower back problem and her classes are always enjoyable too.


The work Sharon and I have done together over the last 3+ years has really felt like a partnership. She brings ambition, precision and the highest, highest standards, and I have to put in the focus, the effort and the self control. Studio Pilates with Sharon has been about building strength as well as rehabilitation, and she really knows what she's talking about.

I've noticed that Sharon prioritises her own on-going learning, and she shares the practice and wisdom that she learns generously with her clients. Pilates with Sharon is not for those who want an easy time! She really pushes her clients to know what they should be doing (and why), and to make week-on-week progress. She is hands-on, making constant adjustments in order to improve what her clients are doing, but always with delightful grace and a sense of fun.

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